Eric Ripert: Knife Tips on Twitter

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Food culture would not have exploded the way it has without the advent of social media. For those of us who crave foodie information as much as we crave Thomas Keller’s famed oysters and pearls (they really are freaking fantastic), you really can’t beat services like Twitter and Instagram.

Eric RipertBe that as it may, Twitter’s utility is often relegated to one-off interactions or publicly available “instant messages” between a tweeter and their follower(s). Given that reality, it was super cool when Eric Ripert (@ericripert), the Michelin-starred chef of NYC’s Le Bernadin, took to Twitter to educate his followers on the proper way to sharpen the most important tool any food wrangler owns. What made his use of Twitter compelling was that he tweeted a series of photos in succession. Ripert is a titan of the food industry and he is perhaps the foremost fish filleter in the world; so when he talks (or in this case tweets) about food, it’s probably not a bad idea to take note.

In a mere nine steps, Ripert literally showed people how to take a kitchen knife and sharpen it using steel and a wet stone, something chefs have been doing for centuries. Not only was the series informative, but the tweets invited people to read through Ripert’s feed and interact with his account in a way they may not otherwise think to try.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up the series in one place. If you don’t own a knife-sharpening stone, you can pick one up pretty inexpensively (here’s a popular one from Amazon for the couch shopper).

Step 1: It begins simply enough


Step 2: Start with steel



Step 7

Step 3: Watch your piggies

Step 7



Step 4: Break out the stone



Eric Ripert Knife Sharpening Tips

Step 5: Bath time

Eric Ripert Knife Sharpening Tips



Step 6: Towel off



Eric Ripert Knife Sharpening Tips

Step 7: Gently grind

Eric Ripert Knife Sharpening Tips



Step 8: Almost done



Eric Ripert Knife Sharpening Tips

Step 9: FIN!


Eric Ripert Knife Sharpening Tips

Pretty nifty ‘eh? We really like Ripert’s slightly left-of-center use of Twitter, replete with pictures… because everything is better with pictures. If you know of another food-related Twitter series, be sure to send it our way!

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Written for Urbanspoon by Foodie Buddha, the restaurant- and food-obsessed author behind

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