MasterChef Open Casting Call

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Perhaps you’ve hosted a dinner party and had your guests suggest that you missed your calling in the kitchen. Maybe you find yourself peeking into a bustling restaurant kitchen and thinking, “I could do that.” Were you interested in pursuing a culinary career, but had to set that dream aside? If so, there’s a good chance you’re just the person MasterChef’s casting team is looking for.

Masterchef Open Casting CallsChannel surf for a few minutes and you’ll quickly realize that there are more food competition shows than one can possibly keep up with. So what sets Fox’s MasterChef apart? MasterChef is the only show on the air in the US that highlights amateur home cooks. The only professionals on the show are the judges: Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Graham Elliot, and restaurateur Joe Bastianich.

The next open casting calls for MasterChef Season 4 are in Nashville, TN and Minneapolis, MN on October 13th. If you’re wondering if you should give it a shot, MasterChef Supervising Casting Producer, Erika Landin, has some advice to share. She encourages those auditioning to be themselves. She shares that contestants commonly make the mistake of thinking “we want to hear certain things, but we don’t.” Instead, they’re looking for “amateur home cooks, for the person that always had that culinary dream. MasterChef is that show that gives that person a chance.”

So, you’re interested. What’s next? Visit the MasterChef Casting Website for all the details. Contestants should be over 18, having never worked as a professional chef. You’ll need to bring a prepared dish to serve the judges, but be warned. You’ll have a few minutes to plate your dish at the casting location, but there will not be a kitchen to cook or warm it up. Be creative and be prepared.

Landin urges all contestants to remember that they get “one shot to make an impression. Bring your A game. If you’re a rocket scientist, tell me that right away.” What not to do? Don’t be like the guy who made a bologna sandwich with his feet or the contestant who offered the judges plain, raw chicken breasts. These folks may have made an impression, but it wasn’t on millions of Fox viewers.

Upcoming MasterChef Open Call Dates:

Nashville, TN: 10/13/12

Minneapolis, MN: 10/13/12

Miami, FL: 10/20/12

Chicago, IL: 10/20/12

Dallas, TX: 10/27/12

Cleveland, OH: 10/27/12

Los Angeles, CA: 11/3/12

Boston, MA: 11/3/12

Portland, OR: 11/10/12

New York City: 11/10/12

Post written for Urbanspoon by Noel Narvaez-Barnes of Thursday Night Bites

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