America’s Most Popular Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants

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Gluten Free RestaurantsCeliac disease is an autoimmune disease in which a person can’t tolerate gluten, which is found in rye, barley, and wheat (including durum, semolina, spelt, and faro). According to the market research publisher Packaged Facts, gluten intolerance affects at least one in 133 Americans and the gluten-free foods market will hit $4.2 billion this year. At the rate it’s going, by 2017 gluten-free sales could grow to more than $6.6 billion.

The restaurants that made our America’s Most Popular Gluten-Free Friendly list are those who received the most coverage via user reviews, blog posts, critic reviews, page views, votes, and mentions of their Gluten-Free (GF) Friendliness.

Serving up a gamut of GF breadsticks, garlic bread, and pizza crust, $ (Cheap Eats) and $$ (Moderately Priced) Italian and American restaurants made up over half of our list.

It’s not too surprising that $$$$ (Fine Dining) restaurants offer the best variety of GF options and accommodations. The elegant French bistro Mon Ami Gabi in Las Vegas offers a full gluten-free menu of their signature French dishes, including warm GF bread with sweet cream butter and an amuse bouche of Gabi’s olives and roasted garlic. Now that’s delicious customer service!

Many restaurants include a clause on their menus and websites stating that their kitchens are not 100% GF, so pesky gluten particles could be floating in the air. They do their best to prevent cross contamination, but do let the manager or server in on your allergy, dietary needs, and intolerance level. One restaurant manager I spoke to said, “I’ve been in this business for 22 years and I’ve never heard of gluten-free and these allergies until 3 years ago. Now we offer an ingredient list for all of our menu items.”

About 4 to 5 percent of people nationwide have food allergies, so smart restaurants need to train staff on menu item ingredients and how to handle food allergies toute suite. Tweet us your comments @urbanspoon or respond on our Facebook page. Cheers!

America’s Most Popular Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants

Amarillo, TX

Gluten Free RestaurantsAnchorage, AK

Asheville, NC

Austin, TX

Berkley, MI

Birmingham, AL

Charleston, SC

Charlotte, NC

Chattanooga, TN

Chesterfield, MO

Gluten Free RestaurantsChicago, IL

Cincinnati, OH

Clarkston, MI

Cleveland, OH


Dallas, TX

Denver, CO

Edwardsville, IL

Fayetteville, GA

Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Worth, TX

Grand Rapids, MI

Hattiesburg, MS

Hendersonville, TN

Hurst, TX

Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Beach, FL

Kalamazoo, MI

Kansas City, MO

Knoxville, TN

Lackawanna, NY

Lakewood, OH

Las Vegas, NV

Lexington, KY

Longwood, FL

Louisville, KY

Lubbock, TX

Memphis, TN

Milwaukee, WI

Minneapolis, MN

Mobile, AL

New Orleans, LA

New York, NY

Gluten Free RestaurantsOklahoma City, OK

Omaha, NE

Orlando, FL

Overland Park, KS

Pittsburgh, PA

Portland, OR

Richmond, VA

Saint Pete Beach, FL

San Antonio, TX

Sanford, FL

Savannah, GA

Gluten Free RestaurantsSeattle, WA

Spokane, WA

St Augustine, FL

St Louis, MO

St Paul, MN

Tampa, FL

Tulsa, OK

Gluten Free RestaurantsWashington DC

Westfield, IN

Winter Park, FL

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